• Poke! What is it?
    Consisting of cube-cut fresh fish, set on top of rice and other vegetables, Poke is a fast, healthy, and tasty food choice for the modern individual. The recipe combines the traditions of Hawaii and Japan together with contemporary food art, to create a bowl-based meal that is loved by millions across the world. Poke is a type of food that you build and explore with, due to the varying combinations that you can achieve with the ingredients. Poke remains a great choice for the creative, brave, and experienced poke creators. Variations include: Un/Cooked, Chicken, Vegetarian/Vegan. Chose a precreated recipe, or create your own.

    Europe-Sourced Sea Goodness
    We are continually using the freshest source of ingredients according to the latest European research. The tuna that is found in our Poke is produced by companies in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Malta, while our salmon comes from a wider selection of countries across Europe, including Netherlands. Our partners are helping us create the best possible poke supply for our customers, locally.
    To ensure the highest possible quality, the fish is flash frozen on production, and prepared daily, on a need to use basis. .This dedication to freshness keeps us on the a path that creates artful and tasty food for you. This is really important for us, because we want people to have a great time, and appetite enjoying our (dare we say) amazing poke bowls.

    Ingredients are prepared daily.
    Every single ingredient is fresh, every time you order. The rice is prepared on day-to-day basis, using our secret “Perfect Rice” recipe. We use fresh vegetables purchased daily from the local marketplace or the super markets, and the best oils available for the stir-fry. Our premium potatoes together with our sauces are also made in-house, by the chef and his cooking team. All/Most of them are included in our dairy-free and gluten-free menu.

    How does the Poke Bowl get served?
    After you make the order, a bowl is packed tight with rice by our friendly staff, while you are thinking about the choices of what you want in your poke bowl. The poke bowl is ready and you can choose your toppings. Fish or no fish, seared or raw, added vegetables or just plain, it’s your choice to make. They say you cannot go wrong with Poke, and we completely agree.

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